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LLumpini vs Ratchadamnern

the 3rd of July saw Lumpini stadium in conjunction with Petchyindee promotions, hold a history making event. The show came about after weeks of discussions, between the two main stadiums Lumpini andRatchadamnern


and from these talks an idea emerged, to hold two special shows featuring the best talent from each stadium competing against each other. The first show was set for the 3rd at Lumpini with the return match scheduled for Ratchadamnern on the 6th of August. The Lumpini show also had the added attraction of a special main event, featuring the sports pound for pound number one fighter Saenchai Sor Kingstar, facing two opponents in one night. Sagetdao Petchpayathai and Petchboonchu F.A Group.With one set to face Saenchai for the first 3 rounds and the other the last two rounds.

  Petchrachan F.A Group vs Garn Namplaatraahoimuk The opening event saw the frst of the Lumpini vs Ratchadamnern battles, between two of the young rising stars of the sport. The opening round was fought in a typical Thai style, with both fighters just taking their time to warm into the action. In round 2 both were still warming into the action. Petchrachan connects with a solid left hook and a sharp elbow. Garn gets a warning from the referee for kneeing the groin in the clinch. Round 3 saw the action start to heat up, with Petchrachan opening up with some vicious elbows and knees. Garn showed great determination in taking the shots, that were snapping his head back and countered with some solid bodykicks. Petchrachan’s looked clearly the bigger of the two though and came back with more elbows, which slowed down Garn’s attacks. Garn turned into the aggressor in the 4th and stalked forward attacking Petchrachan with solid kicks, but the size of Petchrachan was again difficult to overcome, as Petchrachan just kept coming back with strong counters now to keep ahead. Garn needs a knockdown at least in the final round and comes out punching, but Petchrachan covers up well and stays out of any danger, taking the points decision at the end.

Norasing Lukbanyai vs Palangpon Piriyanoppachai Next up sees Norasing, the current Lumpini Flyweight champion take on former Lumpini and Ratchadamnern champion Palangpon. Palangpon could make the weight division below comfortably, but struggles to find a strong match up anymore and has to compete at a higher weight now. Norasing starts strongly, attacking Palangpon with strong punches and some hard highkicks. Palangpon looks to weather the early storm and fires back with a few hard elbows to try and deter Norasing from coming forward. Norasing carries on the same in the 2nd, attacking Palangpon with more hard punches and kicks. Palangpon starts to come to life a little more now and counters back with fast, solid punches and sharp bodykicks. The 3rd round sees thrilling exchanges of shots from both fighters. Norasing opening up with ore hard punches and some hard elbows and kicks and Palangpon standing his ground and coming back with hard counter shots. Norasing starts to look a little tire midway through the round, but then comes back with a big barrage of punches near the bell. Norasing starts the 4th round a little slower, fighting more of the back foot. Palangpon pushes forward now looking to land with hard bodykicks. Both fighters exchange hard punches and elbows and Palangpon connects with a fierce elbow, Norasing holds onto Palangpon, but the effect of the elbow and a few follow up knees from Palangpon, sends him crashing to the canvas where he is counted out.

Rungruanglek Lukprabart vs Khaimukdam SitOr Next up sees two more strong performers with Isuzu cup champion Rungruanglek representing Lumpini stadium and former Ratchadamnern champion Khaimukdam representing Ratchadamnern. Both fighters take a lot of time to get going in the opening two rounds and get cautioned by the referee and draw a few jeers from the crowd in the 2nd. They finally get going in the 3rd and the action moves straight into the clinch. Rungruanglek is known for his strong clinch and knee style and looks strong at first, but Khaimukdam shows good technique, spinning Rungruanglek off balance and landing good counters and fires in a few dangerous elbows. Rungruanglek looks very determined at the start of the 4th and comes forward attacking Khaimukdam with stabbing, long knees. Khaimukdam looks very sharp though and moves off of Rungruanglek’s attacks and fires back with razor sharp counterkicks and some fast long knees. Both trade shots throughout the round and it finishes with Khaimukdam slightly in front. Khaimukdam starts the final round well, catching Rungruanglek with more eye-catching kicks. Rungruanglek keeps on coming forward though and midway through the round, turns the fight on its head with a huge barrage of knees that Khaimukdam can’t defend Rungruanglek then scores with another strong long knee to push further in front and take the victory.

Mongkolchai Petchsuphapaan vs Petchthawee Sor Kittichai The first round starts typically slowly, but near then end Petchthawee opens up with a furious onslaught of punches, Mongkolchai fires back with some solid punches of his own and they briefly trade power shots up to the bell. Petchthawee comes forward again at the start of the second, walking through Mongkolchai’s punches and elbows in an attempt to get in range and open up with hard punches and follow up knees. Petchthawee keeps on coming forward in the 3rd, but is more controlled now and opens up with some strong knees through the middle. Mongkolchai starts to open up with some solid knees of his own, using his height well to drive his knees over any blocks from Petchthawee. Petchthawee starts the 4th round well and lands with more big knees, but gets spun down to the canvas and caught with a kick while going down that stuns him. Petchthawee tries to get back into the fight, but Mongkolchai works his knees well now and controls the rest of the round. The fight is still close enough in the final round for Petchthawee to turns things round in his favour. He comes out well and scores with a few solid knees, but then misses with a kick and gets caught with a big jumping knee from Mongkolchai. Petchthawee tries to come back again, but runs out of time and Mongkolchai takes a close points win.

Pornsaneh Sitmonchai vs Wuttidet Lukprabart Next up was a tough test for former Sportswriters boxer of the year Wuttidet, facing the hard hitting Pornsaneh. Pornsaneh started in his usual style, firing in solid punches and lowkicks Wuttidet keeps a very tight guard and looks to fire back with hard elbows. Porrnsaneh keeps up the pressure though and lands with a vicious bodyshot and Wuttidet starts to show he is hurt by the lowkicks from Pornsaneh. In round 2 Pornsaneh ups the pressure even more and Wuttidet soon looks in trouble from the hard lowkicks. The fight moves into the clinch and Pornsaneh lands a hard knee to the already damaged leg of Wuttidet, sending him crashing to the canvas in agony, where he is counted out.

Kangwanlek Petchyindee vs Thongchai Tor Silachai The next fight was a battle between two veterans of the Thailand fight circuit, Kangwanlek Petchyindee at 34 years old and Thongchai Tor Silachai 37. Thongchai pushes forward in the opening round, looking to land with hard punches and lowkicks. Kangwanlek just soaks up the early pressure. Thongchai keeps on looking for the punch and lowkicks in the second. Kangwanlek seems again content just to conserve his energy for the latter rounds and comes in with some occasional hard elbow strikes. Kangwanlek takes over in the 3rd round, hitting Thongchai with fast, hard left kicks and buckling his legs with a hard elbow. Thongchai is still determined, but starts to slow up now. Thongchai still shows his determination in the 4th and gets the crowd going a little with a big barrage of knees. Kangwanlek just ups the pace again though and fires in some hard long knees to stay ahead. Kangwanlek controls the ring well again in the final round and jabs and moves around the ring away from any danger to take the win.

Nong-O SitO vs Singthongnoi Por Telakun The fighters open up with solid punches in the opening round, Singthongnoi starts as the aggressor, but Nong-O counters well and lands with some sharp bodykicks. Singthongnnoi marches out punching again at the start of the 2nd. Nong-O controls the ring well though and answers back with some razor sharp left kicks. Singthongnoi has a strong round in the 3rd, coming forward and opening up with hard, stabbing knees. Nong-O fights well on the retreat coming back with fast counter shots. After an exchange of punches both fighters have blood coming from their noses. Singthongnoi starts the 4th round strongly, landing with more big sets of knees. Nong-O comes back with some sharp counters and starts to spin Singthongnoi off balance from the clinch. Singthongnoi grits his teeth and comes back with some more solid knees, but Nong-O comes back with a salvo of sharp kicks up to the bell. Nong-O moves into the final round ahead and controls the ring well, keeping off Singthongnoi with sharp pushkicks and jabs. Singthongnoi tries to get forward, but doesn’t have enough energy left and sees Nong-O take the points decision.

Sam-A Thor Ratonakiat vs Pakon Sakyothin There is not too much action in the opening round. Pakon is the more aggressive of the two and lands a solid hook, but Sam_A shakes it off. Pakon pushes forward in the second, but both are yet to really open up. Sam-A lands a couple of sharp left kicks. Pakon ups the pace in the 3rd and marches forward opening up with big kicks. Sam-A contains his attacks well though and lands with a hard straight knee near the bell. Pakon keeps on coming in the 4th, but Sam-A blocks his shots well and lands with sharp counter left kicks. The final round sees Pakon busy again, but the fight comes down to Sam-A’s accuracy and timing and for every 3 or 4 shots Pakon throws that are blocked or don’t land cleanly, Sam-A comes back with a solid and accurate counter that lands flush, Sam-A the winner on points.

Saenchai Sor Kingstar vs Petchboonchu F.A Group + Sagetdao Petchpayathai The main event had drawn in a lot of debate before hand, as too how it would be scored, what would happen if one got koed early etc… Now it was time for action. All 3 fighters performed the Wai Kruu together and then Sagetdao and Petchboonchu drew lots to see who would fight the first 3 rounds. Petchboonchu drew to start first and Sagetdao left the ring. Petchboonchu jumps on Saenchai from the off, locking his arms around Saenchai’s neck in a vice like grip, and trying to power knees to Saenchai’s sides. Saenchai looks to just try and contain the attacks in the opening round, while not using too much energy. Near the end of the round Saenchai spins Petchboonchu around and lands a knee through the middle and a sharp elbow that gets the crowd cheering. Petchboonchu keeps pushing forward, but Saenchai starts to smother his attacks a little now and gets a bit more room to fire in some fast kicks. Near the end of the round Saenchai spins Petchboonchu down to the canvas, landing on top of him and pumps both hands in the air, in a show of dominance. Petchboonchu continues trying to wear down Saenchai with strong clinching and knees, but Saenchai controls the clinch well in this round. Saenchai lands with a fast lowkick, bodykick combination and flurry of punches and smiles at Petchboonchu. Petchboonchu leaves the ring now as its Sagetdao’s turn for the last two rounds. Saenchai starts the 4th firing in some fast kicks. Sagetdao pushes forward and gets off with some strong knees now that get the crowd roaring him on. The final round is very close with Sagetdao pushing forward again and landing more strong knees. Just as Sagetdao looks like he is pulling ahead, Saenchai spins him into the ropes and lands with a big counter knee. Sagetdao keeps on pushing forward, but somehow Saenchai just manages to keep hi off with pushkicks and land a few more sharp counter kicks to take the win.

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