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1st asian indoor games bangkok 2005


The first course of indoor games competitions of asia were hold under control of asia olampic council in THAILAND in November 2005.
the indoor games of MUAYTHAI competitions were hold in PHUKET city of THAILAND wich the world MUAYTHAI federation (WMF)was the official of its hold .
Iran MUAYTHAI association team (M.A.I) was deployed with partnership of martial arts federation and sponsored by iran national olampic committe
Mr EISSA Izadi accompanied iran national  MUAYTHAI team as a coach . and masood izadi in 57 weight could achieve a silver model with his beautiful fighting.
Masood izadi defeated the strong athlete of kazakhestan in the first fight . and in the second game he could knockout the MUAYTHAI athlete of MACAU  in the third game he could win by laos teckniqe and in final game he concided the game to THAILAND champion and could achieve a silver model. Overall iran national MUAYTHAI team achieve 2 silver models .


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