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Yodsanklai & Saenchai & Buakaw in SportAccord Combat Games



Banchamek Sombat = Buakaw

Buakaw Por Pramuk

34 IFMA Male 75 KG Phorat Yodthanong Thai Male = Yodsanklai I believe

Yodsanklai Fairtex

22 IFMA Male 67 KG Saenpong Suphachai Thai Male

Saenchai Sor Kingstar

Saenpong Suphachai = Saenchai
In March 2009, SportAccord signed an agreement with the city of Beijing, P. R. China, to organize the first SportAccord Combat Games. Scheduled from 28 August to 4 September 2010, the competition will showcase 13 Martial Arts and Combat sports, both Olympic and non-Olympic. The event will also include a Cultural Program that will reflect the social and cultural values of these sports and Combat Games as a whole.

Sport Accord has announced that each sport will have 80 top athletes competing in the 2010 SportAccord Combat Games. These athletes will go through the qualification system set up by their respective International Federation. It is expected that the world best martial arts and combat sports athletes will qualify for the Combat Games. Both male and female athletes will take part. For those sports requiring weigh-in, different weight categories will be included.

During the eight days of competition, the 2010 SportAccord Combat Games will also include a cultural program. Indeed, martial arts and combat sports have rich cultural heritages and convey social and educational values. The Combat Games will then serve as a great opportunity to enable deeper understanding of the sports by the public.

This year’s SportAccord Combat Games of 2010 will be held in Beijing, China. Best of luck to all athletes representing their home countries. The event will last from August 27th, 2010 to September 4th, 2010. The last of the national qualifiers for participating nations wraps for Asia during the week of June 25th to June 30th, 2010.

No. IF
Discipline and
/or category
Family Name Given Name Nationality Gender
1 IFMA Male 54 KG Choi Jin-Sun Korean Male
2 IFMA Male 54 KG Paleenaram Sattra Thai Male
3 IFMA Male 54 KG Liao Zhenhui Chinese Male
4 IFMA Male 54 KG Kurt Ridvan Turkish Male
5 IFMA Male 54 KG Youb Said French Male
6 IFMA Male 54 KG Madadi Mohammad Iranian Male
7 IFMA Male 57 KG Chankhunthod Witsanu Thai Male
8 IFMA Male 57 KG Yaakub Mohd. Ali Malaysian Male
9 IFMA Male 57 KG Wang Kang Chinese Male
10 IFMA Male 57 KG Ng King Chung Chinese Male
11 IFMA Male 57 KG Aukenov Birzhan Kazak Male
12 IFMA Male 57 KG White Christopher Australian Male
13 IFMA Male 57 KG Simonides Rafal Polish Male
14 IFMA Male 63.5 KG Finlayson Kurt Russell Australia Male
15 IFMA Male 63.5 KG Tanjad Panupan Thai Male
16 IFMA Male 63.5 KG Zhang Dezheng Chinese Male
17 IFMA Male 63.5 KG Kholmuratov Firdavsiy Uzbek Male
18 IFMA Male 63.5 KG Akthar Martin Swedish Male
19 IFMA Male 63.5 KG Calvo Sebastian Argentine Male
20 IFMA Male 67 KG Guo Dongwang Chinese Male
21 IFMA Male 67 KG Dicks Michael British Male
22 IFMA Male 67 KG Saenpong Suphachai Thai Male
23 IFMA Male 67 KG Petrov Igor Russian Male
24 IFMA Male 67 KG Luna Gustavo Argentine Male
25 IFMA Male 71 KG Wang Guan Chinese Male
26 IFMA Male 71 KG Kyshenko Artur Ukrainian Male
27 IFMA Male 71 KG Smagulov Almas Kazak Male
28 IFMA Male 71 KG Oberg Marcus Swedish Male
29 IFMA Male 71 KG Baai Bakhulule South African Male
30 IFMA Male 71 KG Banchamek Sombat Thai Male
31 IFMA Male 75 KG Guo Hanghang Chinese Male
32 IFMA Male 75 KG Tereshonok Vasyl Ukrainian Male
33 IFMA Male 75 KG Lacombe Jesse Canadian Male
34 IFMA Male 75 KG Phorat Yodthanong Thai Male
35 IFMA Male 75 KG Levin Artem Russian Male
36 IFMA Male 75 KG Abdollahi Mostafa Iranian Male
37 IFMA Male 81 KG Marcus Simon Canadian Male
38 IFMA Male 81 KG Jiang Guangzhen Chinese Male
39 IFMA Male 81 KG Sengirov Nurbolat Kazak Male
40 IFMA Male 81 KG Olsen Kim Australian Male
41 IFMA Male 81 KG Brinkman Hendrik Dutch Male
42 IFMA Male 91 KG Zhang Xuefeng Chinese Male
43 IFMA Male 91 KG Mirzamukhamedov Jasur Uzbek Male
44 IFMA Male 91 KG Rogava Tsotne Ukrainian Male
45 IFMA Male 91 KG Blachowicz Jan Polish Male
46 IFMA Male 91 KG Hoopmann Thor Australian Male
47 IFMA Male 91 KG Shelepov Semen Russian Male
48 IFMA Male 91 KG Alimohammadi Hassan Iranian Male
49 IFMA Female 51 KG Pirnie Amy Wendy Robertson British Female
50 IFMA Female 51 KG Mezyan Jihad Moroccan Female
51 IFMA Female 51 KG Heo Song-Bok Korean Female
52 IFMA Female 51 KG Pramari Prakaidao Thai Female
53 IFMA Female 51 KG Guido Gillberry Santiago American Female
54 IFMA Female 51 KG Xu Zhurong Chinese Female
55 IFMA Female 51 KG San Ozlem Turkish Female
56 IFMA Female 51 KG Pinto Fatima Norweigian Female
57 IFMA Female 54 KG Sutherland Misty Dawn Canadian Female
58 IFMA Female 54 KG Yan Xiaonan Chinese Female
59 IFMA Female 54 KG Yakovleva Diana Ukrainian Female
60 IFMA Female 54 KG Benitez Karla Venezuelan Female
61 IFMA Female 54 KG Preston Michelle New Zealander Female
62 IFMA Female 60 KG Sun Jiao Chinese Female
63 IFMA Female 60 KG Fucz Anna German Female
64 IFMA Female 60 KG Shevchenko Valentina Russian/Peruvian Female
65 IFMA Female 60 KG Willberg Anna Finnish Female
66 IFMA Female 60 KG Ross Madeleine South African Female


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