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masood izadi in m-1 muaythai Toyota Cup

Iranian muaythai superstar masood izadi fought in M-1 cup in Thailand


which was held as a world cup with the fighters of 8 countries at Friday and july 2010 first , he defeated Spanish fighter and in the next level he won American fighter , in final , his opponent was thai champion sanhchai . at the first round , masood stroke same beautiful fists at sanhchai and showed Him. His great power, but unfortunately the refree didn’t allow him to continue because of a puncture in his face from the previous match . and this showed that Thailand people do everything to prove that sanhchai and other champion remain unconquerable . muaythai mafia still exists. Experts think that masood was the real winner of the match However , masood will fight against sanhchai very soon.


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