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Izadi GYM

Izadi GYM was established  with ARJARN EISSA Izadi At year 2000 . Its mast important goals are making heroes in Muaythai  fields .

Sending  Athletes to world and Asian cups and  creditable foreign leagues . National games  and training Muaythai coaches are the base of its activities . Also , experience of coaching  in national and world cups from  2004 up to now , and a nonstop  attendance in Thailand  professional cups . being a member of world Muaythai federation , and finally  establishing   professional  Muaythai in Iran are some of special  characteristics of this GYM .


National coach IFMA Muay Thai Muay Thai World Championships 2004 in Bangkok, Thailand

National coach indoor games  Asian Championship 2005 Muay Thai Phuket

IFMA World Championship Muay Thai Muay Thai coach in 2006, Bangkok, Thailand

National coach kings cup Muay Thai Championship 2006

World Championship Muay Thai Muay Thai coach WMF 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand

Muay Thai coach FAMA Asia Championship 2007 in Bangalore, India

National coach Prince Cup Muay Thai Championship 2008, Bangkok, Thailand

National coach Muaythai World Championships in 2011,  WMF Muay Thai

Semi-professional coach WMF Muay Thai World Championships 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand

open Cup Championship Muay Thai coach in the World ', 2011, Bangkok, Thailand
of the association institute thai martial arts in iran

Founder and Secretary General of the Association of professional and amateur Muaythai Iran
Director's first professional Muay Thai tournament in Iran I-1

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