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It was finals day of the Fuktien group tournament on the 1st of May at Omnoi stadium

Denchiangkwan Laemthonggarnpaet vs Petchdam Sitboonmee
The first fight was a hard fought battle for 3rd and 4th place. Denchiangkwan started as a strong favorite, due to his strong walk forward, clinch and knee style. Petchdam proved to be too slick though and countered throughout with solid kicks and knees and managed to keep Denchiangkwan off balance and stop his attacks. Petchdam took the decision at the end of a close battle

Chatchainoi Gardenseaview vs Lertpet Por Worasing

The final saw both fighters give their all in a quest for the 500,000 baht main prize. Chatchainoi looked the sharper of the two technically, firing in razor sharp roundkick counters throughout. Lertpet was the taller, bigger of the two though and this paid of for him in the end, as whatever Chatchainoi threw at him, he would come back with a hard, effective long knee or kick, keeping ahead throughout and seeing him take the grand prize at the end.

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