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The SportAccord Convention


IFMA is delighted to present a very positi


ve report in regards to our participation in the SportAccord 2010 Convention in Dubai, 25-30 April. IFMA has been part of the annual convention since 2006, and this year was undoubtedly our most successful yet. The SportAccord Convention is the perfect tool to promote all aspects of muaythai, and IFMA's international office made sure that our presentation booth attracted maximum attention and generated much interest and support from all attendees.

The booth was constantly busy with convention traffic and we received high accolades from many IOC members and dignitaries who came to visit IFMA, ask questions and show enthusiasm for our display. All our muaythai promotional activities during the convention were extremely well received, and IFMA is confident that the SportAccord Convention brought us many steps closer on our road towards IOC recognition.

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