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iran Muaythai professional team in the World Championships IMTF & NAI KHANOMTOM 2015

Eleventh professional Muay Thai tournament in the world championship from 17 to 20 March 2015 in Ayutthaya, Thailand .


Professional Muaythai Association of the Islamic Republic of Iran P.M.A.I with two players in the tournament took part in 71 weight belt for NAI KHANOMTOM World Championship Muaythai our work to third place in the weight limit and 71 - for the world championship belt in our athletes IMTF a breathtaking game in the fifth round of Spain defeated Muaythai work and achieved second place in the world.

Arjarn eissa izadi team leader and Mr. Masood Izadi valuable Muay Thai champion Iran and the world as a coach to accompany our special guest of the tournament NAI KHANOMTOM Arjarn eissa izadi and Muaythai world champion gave awards in all competitions.

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